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Update by user Apr 16, 2015

-Updating to include the company names they operate under at Ebay.engineparts2013 and PMCMACHINE.COM are the two company names listed on their ebay listings.

-Also, check out local Portland news channel KGW's story they ran on them titled, "Complaints rev up against local engine builder".

In that news story- they document how one local mechanic received several bad motors from these guys- finally went to court and won a judgement against them.

-Also, search for their "F" rating on Oregon BBB Better Business Bureau

-updating to include the new names, want to help people avoid the same mistakes I made with this horrible business...Definitely buyer beware!

Update by user Apr 15, 2015

updating this review to include their other company names used on Ebay.engineparts2013 and PMCMACHINE.COM are two of the many, many company names they operate under.

-also, can't remember if its been added, but check out the local Portland New Station KGW's story on these guys- "Complaints rev up against local engine builder"

- and also their "F" rating at Oregon BBB (Better Business Bureau)

-sorry if these have already been posted, its been a while.

Just want get as much unbiased info out there to helpe others avoid my mistake.

If this motor is junk- I'm out over $2K and a lot of my time....Buyer Beware!

Original review posted by user Feb 14, 2015

About 1.5 years ago, I bought a Toyota 3.0 3vze long block motor from this company. I researched their ebay feedback ratings(IMPORTANT info on this below), which are supposedly good.

-Received the motor in a timely fashion

-Installed the motor in my 1993 Toyota Truck 4x4 ex-cab

-Performed the break-in procedure as per their instructions

-Drove my truck for approximately 6,000 miles- when the head gasket failed in this motor.

-Emailed them (with pics of oil in the coolant in my radiator) and low compression readings.

-They requested me to send the heads to them for diagnostics- I removed the motor from the truck, removed the heads- sent the heads back.

-no calls from them. I called, and when they finally answered- told me they were still being "diagnosed".

-no calls from them. I called, they told me results were in. The heads were warped. I asked how? I had no overheating issues- were they warped to begin with? Improper torquing when they installed them? No answer... Told me they would send newly rebuilt heads next week.

-next week- no calls from them. Left messages, no return calls.

-after that, each time I called- no answer from them. No return phone calls after my voice mails. Basically, they had my original money, my heads(the cores that I returned for "diagnostics)- and then stopped communicating with me altogether. I was without my truck- AND without heads to use as cores to buy from someone else. I was stuck, unless I wanted to pay a lot more money to continue with this motor. For many, many months...


Just recently- they sent newly rebuilt heads(that I had checked at a local machine shop, they are actually flat- and leak tight). BUT, its been around 1.5 years of dealing with these guys. 1.5 years of being without my truck- only because of their shoddy workmanship/horrible customer service.

Their EBAY reviews are a sham. I recently learned that Ebay has a 60 day time limit for their feedback reviews. Ordering time/Shipping Time/Motor Installation Time/Motor Break-In Time/Driving time(early mileage time) basically take up all or most of that 60 day time limit. If you do have trouble(many people do have troubles with this company)- if you do have trouble- there is very little chance that you can add this info to EBAY- where people need to see it. So, the reviews are mostly good- and are mostly talking about quick shipping... That's it- "thanks for the quick shipping" type reviews... That may be the only reason they are still in business- scamming ebay purchasers in far away places... Who believe they are dealing with an Ebay seller with a good reputation.

-They advertise their great "7year/70,000 mile warranty"- but what good is that warranty if they sell you a crappy product- then ignore you? You spend most of your available time trying to get ahold of them, they keep ducking you- and you are without the use of your truck for over 1.5 years? It sucks. Luckily, they finally sent the newly rebuilt heads- I'm putting everything back together now. I'm just hoping the rest of the motor holds together(no signs of weakness, but I have no guarantees of anything)...

I'm glad the word is getting out about this company. They do have an "F" rating at the Oregon Better Business Bureau. And a Yelp review. I did read a different review that the local news did a story on their shady business practices- hopefully more people learn, and don't make the same mistake I did with them...

-buyer beware.

jimmy2015 wrote the review because of poor customer service at CHS Machine and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants CHS Machine to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was quality customer service lying. Author liked the most quick shipping. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by CHS Machine rebuilt engine for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


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Next time get a hold of the Attorney general and file a complaint.. Greg is a flake a liar a cheat and a very dis honest person!

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